Why Tit Tar

Why Tit Tar

Traditional Chinese Bone Setting & Tit Tar Treatments

About Tit Tar

Translated from a Cantonese term ‘fall-hit’ (跌打), Tit Tar is a traditional Oriental bone setting, joint pain and muscle misalignment treatment sustained from various physical trauma including falls, automobile accidents or domestic injuries, workplace injuries or during sports activities.

Tit tar operates from the basic idea that any aches or muscle pains experienced by the body stem from a disruption in the natural alignment and state of the bone, joint or muscle. When a patient suffers from masculoskeletal problems and requires muscle pain treatments in a particular part of his or her body, the physician’s main objective is to identify the nature of the problem and to correct it.

Acupressure is the heart of Tit Tar treatment. Dated back since ancient science, acupressure involves the human body and the flow of one’s Qi (natural energy) within. Acting as the tool, our fingers are able to manipulate, stimulate or fix the flow of Qi in and around an injured joint by releasing any muscular tension, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain and enabling a deep and thorough relaxation for a speedy recovery and stronger immune system.

In particular, Osteocare offers a number of treatments:

  • Bone Fractures
  • Joint Pain and Dislocation
  • Muscle Pain, Ligament and Tendon Injuries

If you are looking for treatments for your muscle, joint, or lower back pains, visit our therapy centre today!

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