Fracture? No worries!


When a bone breaks, it is called a fracture and it can be extremely painful. The most common causes of fractures include falls, car accidents and sports injuries.


Depending on the kind and the severity, fractures can take anywhere between 3-12 weeks for a normal, healthy person to recover.

The usual course of treatments opted for by most people are:
And take painkillers to relieve the pain till the broken bone is healed.

In some cases, you might need to go for a surgery and have metal rods, screws, pins or plates inserted into the bone to hold in place until it heals or permanently.

But Did You Know?

There is a third way to treat fractures that is non-invasive and would also take lesser time to heal?

Tit Tar – With just the use of hands and traditional herbal medicines, your fractured bones will be healed in no time at all.

The Sifus at Osteocare are trained and experienced practitioners who use the ancient knowledge of tit tar combined with the modern gifts of medical science to provide the fastest possible relief from bone fractures, at the same time, suppressing as much pain as possible

If you want to stay away from the potential side effects of painkillers, and the painful and invasive surgeries, tit tar is the way to go. It is a non-invasive ancient healing method that ensures the complete recovery of fractures in a shorter period without the use of any medicines that could bring potential side effects.

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