Upper Limb – Elbow

Elbow Problems

Knowing the area: The elbow is a joint that allows two different kinds of motion – bending and straightening (up-and-down) and supination and pronation (turning). The elbow links the upper arm bone to the forearm bone and is bound together by ligaments.

Common Problems: Tennis or golfer’s elbow where pain develops on the outside of the elbow as the muscles and tendons become inflamed. Another common injury is hyperextended elbow where external forces extend it beyond its normal range and tear the muscles.

Common Cause: Incorrect stroke technique i.e. using the elbow instead of the arm and shoulder particularly in sports like golf and tennis, frequent and intensive yanking of the elbow particularly during practice. Forceful jerking of the hand or twisting the elbow too much to the left or right can also cause a tear in the muscles.

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