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Shoulder Adjustment in KL & PJ

Shoulder Problem

Welcome to our therapy centres in PJ and KL for shoulder adjustment. Tit Tar, a traditional Chinese bone-setting technique, involves manual adjustments to realign bones, joints, and muscles, effectively addressing shoulder pain.

Knowing the area: The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body and can rotate a full 360°. It is made out of 3 bones attached by ligaments, tendons and muscle.

Common Problems: Because the shoulder has little ligament attachments and a shallow socket, one of the most common complaints is shoulder dislocation where the joint ‘pops’ out of the socket. Shoulder pain treatments are necessary when you also experience other problems such as tendonitis, sprains, torn ligament, torn muscle and fractures.

Common Cause: Sports where arms are raised over the head like volleyball, badminton, tennis and swimming can often injure the joint. Daily wear and tear through frequent use can also erode the cartilage around the socket and cause pain.