Good & Skilled Oriental Bone Adjustment

Our History

Established in 2000, Osteocare has since become one of Malaysia’s most renowned Chinese bonesetter, medicine and Tit Tar centre located in Bangsar Village mall and SS2 (Petaling Jaya) specialising in contemporary bone setting and the traditional Chinese practice of Oriental Tit Tar. The two treatment centres come in line with the aim of Osteocare in becoming the neighbourhood bone and joint setting centre. Under the management of its founder Erik Leong, Osteocare is now equipped with a team of well-trained physicians, oriental chiropractors & bone specialists serving its patients in its treatment centres.

Good Tit Tar Physicians are hard to come by these day but recognized for their masterly skills in treating body discomfort, Osteocare ensures to provide treatments that cater to ease the problem in one’s back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, thigh, lower leg, knee, as well as ankle. Always believing in the natural way of healing, it is Osteocare’s principle to provide painless treatment without the need for any surgery and oral medication such as consuming painkiller and antibiotics. We have the best bone setter in KL & Petaling Jaya who are committed to serve people on the principles of natural healing and bone care. We promise quality care, compassion & integrity so that patients can be empowered.

Incorporate western into eastern

Standing out in the medical field, Osteocare has its own unique approach to treatment. In the effort to maximise the efficacy of its healing, the centre uses modern medical science methods to complement its traditional eastern roots.

Having said so, Osteocare does not just excel in the use of hands as the main diagnostic and therapy tool in aligning affected areas, but is also familiar with the use of X-rays and biomechanical theory in its treatment.

To date, the beneficial treatment provided by Osteocare has been experienced by over 15,000 patients from different countries. Its excellent performance has also underpinned its success in becoming one of the panel physicians for several local sports teams.