What We Treat

Solutions for Sports Injuries, Torn Muscles, Back Pains & More

What We Treat

Pain is our body telling us that something is not right and it can be caused by a number of factors including trauma, fatigue from over exercise or disease. It is best to get it checked and get treatment from good bone setting physician especially if it persists over a few days. At Osteocare, our skillful bone specialists and experienced oriental bone setter will attentively tend to all of your discomfort respectfully including back problems, sports injury, neck problems, and torn muscles.

This section is a general tool to help you identify the kind of pain you are experiencing and the solutions offered in our centres including problems from muscle, tit tar treatments, traditional bone setting treatment, and more. The information here is not designed to replace a physician’s consultation but will help you to communicate to him or her the nature of your condition.

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